dancing with your Prince


Take a minute. Imagine you’re in your dream dress, prettier than any prom dress, pageant dress, or wedding dress you’ve ever seen. You have a tiara resting on your pretty little head, and one thought prevails in your mind: “I am His princess.” A man steps into the room.

You are filled with love for him. And He is so in love with you; He absolutely adores every aspect of you. Every day He tells you: “You are altogether beautiful, my love.” He is the love of your life.

And you’re dancing together, and He whispers to you, “Darling, I have a gift for you.” He tells you, “I have someone special for you. I’ve chosen a man to love you and protect you.” You’re stunned and hurt. You get upset and confused, saying, “I don’t want anyone else. I already have you. I don’t need anyone else.”

He takes your hand and gently speaks. “That is why you are ready. Don’t worry, I have been preparing him for you. Your relationship with him will not replace yours with Me. It will strengthen it. He will help you love Me more. I am not leaving you; I am giving you someone who will bring you even closer to Me.

I will stay with you all the while, my love.”

That. That is your relationship with Jesus Christ.


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