dear girls starting high school,


Dear girls starting high school,


I hope you read this because I’m going to tell you things I wish someone had told me my freshman year.

Read this and believe the things I tell you.

Read this and think about how it could apply to  y o u.

I’m going to have a little theme of things I hope for you, wishes I have for you, prayers I pray right now for you.

I hope you listen to the song “Fifteen” by Taylor Swift. I hope you listen to what she says because she knows what she’s talking about; I hope you listen when she tells us

“Don’t forget to look before you fall” – Fifteen, Taylor Swift

I hope you know that you’re pretty even if people don’t tell you so. I hope you know that you’re loved even if you don’t have a boyfriend, and I hope you know that you don’t need one. I hope that if you have one, but he starts to not treat you like the lovely jewel God made you into, then I hope that you have the courage to leave him behind.

I hope you know there are a lot better things ahead. I hope you have  d r e a m s. I hope you pursue them and know you deserve to see your dreams come true. I hope you know you’re special and that the world needs more people like you.

I hope you make good friends and keep good friends, but most importantly, I hope that you are a good friend and that you’re always conscious of the fact that the way you make others feel about themselves is how they will remember you despite your yearbook pictures, awards, or your senior quote.

I hope you find your worth in the Lord because He loves you, and He thinks you’re radiantly beautiful. I hope you realize how much more satisfying that is than Instagram likes, pageant or homecoming crowns, promposals, and attention from boys.

And I hope you find out not just who you are but that you find out who you want to be and find the bravery to become that woman.

Photo: Set Apart Girl


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