You’re transforming me.

I can feel it; You’re transforming me into the woman I was meant to be for { Y o u . }

I don’t need the thorns and things of this world; I don’t need the affirmation of this earth because I have You.

I’m becoming a new woman, a lady in waiting for her true Betrothed, her Lord.

I know You see me as Your lily; You have the eyes to see my quiet spirit as beautiful; You love me, and that is all I want, all I have ever wanted, all I need, and all I have ever needed.

Help me be patient, help me be patient as a result of trusting You. Give me peace, peace as a result of knowing Your love.

Turn my heart into fountain overflowing with the love You gave me, the love I never deserved.

Help me see everyone around me as Your children, Your people, Your sheep.

Help me be like Your Son, so ready to give love no matter if I have received it or not.

Help me give the same grace to others that You have given to me.

Help me be more like You because I am so in love with who You are.



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