in His image

green hydrangea halo for flower girl

Sisters, tonight I want to share a prayer.

A plea from my heart to my Savior.

Before I start, I’ll grace you with a funny little fun fact: my name is Jessie and I babysit a very sweet, loved daughter of God. This precious little girl thinks the fact that I’m a babysitter named Jessie is worth rolling off the couch from laughter due to the fact that her favorite Disney show is Jessie about..

*drum roll*

a babysitter named Jessie.

*ba dum tsss*

Well, maybe it’s only funny to her; she is 9 after all. Nevertheless, let’s get down to it.

My sweet girl is so beautiful, inside and out. This little girl is radiant. She loves that the Lord loved her enough to come to Earth as a man not to sentence her but to save her (John 3:16-17), and she loves others so much as an overflow of the love the Lord bestowed upon her (John 15:12). As a result of this self-critical society surrounding us in this day and age, she’s grown up with the phrase, “ew I look gross.” Ladies, I’ll now share a moment with you that almost brought me to tears because it shattered my heart. This beautiful little girl and I took a picture one day. As she giggles, holding my phone, excited to see her God-given reflection (Genesis 1:27) on the photo, her bright eyes cloud over and her joyful smile drops causing my heart to do the same when I hear these wicked words: “I look so bad.” Oh sisters, can we please take a moment to pray together.



Who gave us our beauty and our worth? Who graces us with strength and dignity? Who determines our value as precious and priceless? You. You, Emmanuel, Perfect One. We are made in Your image, how can we hate what was designed to be like You? I beg You, my God, to help me teach Your daughters age 9, 19, or 99 that they have beauty this earth can’t give or take away. We have godly beauty, a beauty that never fades, and is seen as pleasing to You. Let every daughter of You, the highest King, know that she never looks bad. She always looks beautiful. She is always dignified. She is always loved.



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