tell the world I’m coming home



A house that started as just talk,

Talk among spiritual sisters who wanted to set their lives apart for Christ, talk that turned into daydreams, which led to on-a-whim google searches that eventually found their way to this beautiful white house in the alive and joyful city of Charleston.

The passionate vision my friends and I share for this house fills me with joy every time I walk by this house on the way to class, a vision of a house where girls on the campus can come to when they’re looking for a haven.

noun: haven; plural noun: havens
  1. a place of safety or refuge.

A safe place. A gathering place. That’s what we want this house to be, not just a place that’s more comfortable than a dorm, not just a place where we live together because we’re friends, a place that’s open and safe.

Just like the arms of Jesus.

A home that is full of growth in the Lord, that is overflowing with the love He first lavished on us, a house that is filled brim to the top with His purpose and His glory.

Pray for us, friends, that the Lord uses this home for His plan that is always so much better than ours.



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