The Woman at the Well

Inspired by Lauren Chandler’s talk today at the If Gathering.




I’m laying down my jar; I understood about Your water but never fully grasped that I needed to put my jar down before I could run to the world and tell of Your good name. I didn’t understand that the jar itself was the root of the problem, that the jar I was holding couldn’t contain any water at all. I needed to come to Your well, and stop trying to find Your water at the old, dry well I knew the route to by heart and habit. I put my jar of desires for pursuit, romance, loveliness, and beauty at Your feet because I know You fill my heart with the satisfaction it craves. There’s so much more room in my heart than in that damaged jar. My soul rests in Your embrace, Redeemer.

You tell me in Hosea that when “she looks for her other lovers, she will not find them.” (Hosea 2:7)

I look for only You now.

I come to You for affirmation, for loveliness, for redemption.

I am Your daughter, Your beloved.

Take me closer to You, my Lord, than my feet could ever wander on their own.




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