Jesus, lead me on.

Jesus, lead me on, for I feel very lost.

Savior, show me where to go, for I know that I’ve forgot.

There are so many roads, and each one seems just fine,

But You say that the narrow one is the only one that leads to life.

I’m trying to walk with You, but sometimes I can’t see

What’s lying ahead, since there’s so much chaos around me.

I get distracted in a blink; before I know it, I’m off the road;

Then I call Your name again because I feel all alone.

But  I know You’re beside me, all I have to do is look,

Look harder with the new eyes You gave me, and remember the sacrifice it took,

The life of Yours I couldn’t live, that You laid down so I might see,

That true joy has always been with You, and You are always with me.

Jesus, lead me on, I take Your hand and know,

No matter how scary or lonely this path seems, You’ll show me where to go.DSC_5514-2

Photo: Life Lived Beautifully


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