altogether lovely

You are so beautiful.

Every eyelash that you’ve ever made a wish on is so delicately designed.

You were created by a Designer so much more revered than Coco Chanel or Ralph Lauren.

No copyright can contain the authenticity of your God-given beauty.

Psalm 139:13-16

You see your freckles, or your scars, or your blemishes and look to the ground, embarrassed. I hope you can start to see your exquisiteness in these little intricate details of the altogether wonderful pattern that makes up the beautiful being that is you. Perhaps, you believe your legs are not small enough to be considered lovely, or maybe you feel that they are too small to be viewed as pretty. It could be that you’re ashamed of a size: how small the size is or how small it’s not.

But those things, those might be popular, those might be “desirable,” but you, you daughter of the most high King, are so much more than those. You are beauty. True beauty.

Proverbs 3:15-18

Psalm 34:5

And I know it’s hard.

It’s so hard to look in the mirror at the reflection you’ve been seeing your whole life and not become tired or weary of it, but let me, no, let Him, assure you that He and so many others see this breath-taking, beautiful being.

Your God knew how He would design and supply for your significant life before you were even born.

He loves you and is in awe of your beauty.

You are so beautiful.

You’re so loved.


photo: Life Lived Beautifully


Beautiful sister, you’ve been so loved for so long.


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