he didn’t respond

Beautiful, sweet girl. It’s okay.

Maybe he didn’t respond. And maybe you feel unwanted or you don’t feel enough, but it’s okay.

It’s okay, sweet girl. You have a Father who plans for you; you have a King who intercedes and who protects and who loves, and loves, and loves.

Maybe he read your text or ignored your call. He might have opened your snapchat and maybe he never replied. He could have stopped liking your pictures.

Maybe he didn’t respond, but don’t forget that you didn’t need him to.

You didn’t need him to respond because you are a radiant woman worth so much more than the rubies and diamonds some can try to buy your love with. Because you, you are a woman of God.

A woman of God. Of the God who never fails, and never forsakes, the God who is always, always faithful.

Your gentle spirit, your radiant eyes that look to the Lord, your heart that has quieted its fear as an overflow of the love of your Father, are seen and delighted in by the Holy One.

You are His Tirzah, the one He delights in. He sings over you, He enjoys you. He delights in who you are and who He is creating you to be.

You are strong and enduring like Ruth, and she who endures, will see the day when the Lord fufills what He has promised her. You are obedient like Mary, and the Lord will comfort and see you through your patient waiting and trusting. You are radiant like Esther. The Lord sees you, and He sees you as so lovely.

You are like a lily, a lily among thorns.

So, you don’t need attention from a boy because you have the affection of the Man who died because He loves you.

You don’t need shallow, superficial, or forced compliments like “sexy,” “hot,” and “pretty” because you have the joyful praises of “beautiful, lovely, and adored

Sister, You don’t need to be approved by worldly standards because you are defined by His Heavenly grace and never-ending love.

You don’t need a temporary affair with someone disguised as a prince because you have an eternal relationship with the greatest King there ever was and ever will be who loves you more than you could ever love anyone.

You are a princess, a jewel, a treasure, who is held close to the heart of He who is greater.

Tie that truth around your heart, beautiful girl. The Lord sees the beautiful woman He created in you, and a man of God, a warrior for the Redeemer, he will see that too, so it’s okay. It’s okay that he didn’t reply, sweet girl. You never needed him to.



  1. Precious words that so many need to be reminded of….such truth that so many miss. Even after 36 years of marriage the value of my relationship with Jesus is still the most important relationship I have…and makes me the woman He designed me to be!

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