I refuse to make one more excuse

Cause I don’t want to live like I don’t care
I don’t want to say another empty prayer
Oh I refuse to
Sit around and wait for someone else
To do what God has called me to do myself
Oh I could choose
Not to move
But I refuse

To stand and watch
The weary and lost
Cry out for Him
I refuse
To turn my back
And try and act like all is well
I refuse
To stay unchanged
To wait another day
To doubt myself
I refuse
To make one more excuse

I Refuse – Josh Wilson


This weekend there was a Global Impact Conference at the church I’ve been blessed to have found this year near my college. It was all about missions and the desperate need for believers to take evangelism seriously. Going on a mission trip this July, I came to the conference shaking with anticipation and excitement about what the Lord would teach and speak to me through this conference.

And speak He did.

An Iranian pastor with an amazing testimony told us about a dream he had that completely rocked my world:

He and a  large group of people were in a desert, and they were parched. They were so thirsty that they started seeing things. They would think they saw a fountain or a river, a spring of water. They’d sprint to it and then arrive, panting, exhausted, just to find that it wasn’t real.

Finally, he saw a fountain, overflowing with water, and he ran as fast and as hard as he could toward the water, and when he arrived, he couldn’t believe it. It was real water. He was going to live because he’d found water, real water, saving water.

He couldn’t stop drinking because the water was like nothing he’d ever experienced and then he realized, he remembered:

Everyone else was dying of thirst too.

So he ran back to get everyone one who was dying and show them where the water was. Some people couldn’t make it on their own; they needed his help.

So he helped them, he helped everyone get to the water that had saved him.



I beg of You, don’t let me hog Your water to myself. Let me realize.

Let me remember that everyone else is dying too. I hear and feel Your calling, Lord. Let me be completly willing at all times to respond and to run back.

Help me to be braver, Lord.

Help me to be brave enough to run back into the desert to get everyone, and if people don’t listen, force me to keep trying. Because this is life or death, I realize that now, Lord. I realize that Your people are dying and You’ve called Your followers to go out and bring them to You, so they can drink.

So they can live again.

I’m ready now, Lord. Use me, break me, do whatever You need to bring Your children back to You.




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