“All you wanted was to be wanted”

“When all you wanted was to be wanted, you wish you could go back and tell yourself what you know now.” – Taylor Swift


You deserve a good morning text, good afternoon, and night.

You deserve more than a flickering flirt; you deserve a lasting light.

You deserve your favorite flowers on a non-particular day of the year.

You deserve constant “I love you’s” rather than constant, insecure fear.

His hands should support and lead you rather than just hold yours.

His devotion to you should be one of affection rather than that of a chore.

You deserve to feel absolutely lovely to your very inner core,

And next time you consider settling, remember that you deserve more.

Don’t let that boy fool you who said that you weren’t thin.

Don’t let that boy convince you that beauty isn’t from within.

He said your laugh was weird, but don’t you cover your mouth to keep it from spilling out.

He said he preferred blondes, but don’t you start to resent your beautiful brown.

Don’t let that boy fool you who said he was out of your league.

Don’t let anyone convince you that you aren’t radiant and redeemed.

He said you were too short, or maybe he said too tall.

Sometimes people build themselves up by trying to make others feel small.

Don’t let the world fool you and scare your heart off your sleeve,

If you look within your heart, you’ll find the Prince of Peace.

Because he decided not to text you, you couldn’t hear God’s call.

Since he didn’t tell you that you were pretty, you couldn’t see your God-given beauty at all.

You couldn’t be led to forgiveness since you were led on everywhere he went.

You weren’t enough to satisfy his heart, so with God’s love you weren’t content.

Since he viewed you as an object, you forgot that you were God’s jewel.

It slipped your pretty little mind that “love is patient and kind” since everything seemed so cruel.

So, lovely, let him go. Stop waiting for the hurt he will bring.

Come experience the One who will never break up with you; witness the love of a King.


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