Lord, prepare me

Sweet, sweet Savior,

Prepare me. Prepare my heart, my soul, my mind, my body. Prepare me.

Prepare me to love the people of the Dominican Republic the way You do. Prepare my heart to open, to break.

Do not allow my heart to close to what it thinks it cannot handle. Do not allow my mind to be desensitized to horror, to poverty, allow my heart to break for what breaks Yours.

Open up my heart and my hands to all the souls who reach for them. Allow me to pour out every ounce of love in me into the children there, and when my love runs out, replenish it with the love my soul received from the cross.

Fill my heart with Your love.

The kind that never runs out,

the pure kind of love,

the holy type of love.

Your love. The only love truly worth having.

Lord, prepare me for the humility, prepare me for the fall I’ll feel when I hit the ground after falling from my own personal pedestal I’ve built.

The throne I’ve built for myself that I don’t deserve.

The fall will be hard. The fall will hurt, but I need it,

I need the hurt of humility, so that I can better love Your people,

so that I can love like You do, so prepare me.

Help me have courage and be kind, Father.

Help me think about them first. Help me be brave and bold for You; help me be relentless in the fights for Your people’s hearts the way that You were relentless for mine. Help me be brave in telling the story of Your redeeming love.

Prepare me, Lord, for all You have planned, and let me always, always surrender to Your better and more glorious ways.

Amen. 07f8b3bb429873fca23d74424be6aef6

Photo: Life Lived Beautifully

Isaiah 6:8




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