the worst weapon

Reflection on She Reads Truth Proverbs Study: The Tongue

Photo:She Reads Truth

“Every sea creature, reptile, bird, or animal is tamed and has been tamed by man, but no man can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison. We praise our Lord and Father with it, and we curse men who are made in God’s likeness with it. Praising and cursing come out of the same mouth. My brothers, these things should not be this way” (James 3:7-10).

Proverbs 15:1-2
A gentle answer turns away anger,
but a harsh word stirs up wrath.
2 The tongue of the wise makes knowledge attractive,
but the mouth of fools blurts out foolishness.

Proverbs 26:4-5
Don’t answer a fool according to his foolishness
or you’ll be like him yourself.
5 Answer a fool according to his foolishness
or he’ll become wise in his own eyes.

Proverbs 31:8-9
Speak up for those who have no voice,
for the justice of all who are dispossessed.
9 Speak up, judge righteously,
and defend the cause of the oppressed and needy.

Take away the biting tongue, the weapon that cuts straight to the bone.

Don’t let wrath spill out of my heart and cripple the spirit You have honed.

Father, fill my tongue with praise, let my lips only give grace.

Don’t let my flesh control my lips; protect my heart from rage.

The biting tongue, is the worst weapon one can use;

It can paralyze a brother’s faith and change the path they  choose.

Its icy coolness stings and spins out of control;

Where a sister once had love, it can create a gaping hole.

So Savior be my hands, my ears, my feet, my eyes,

But most of all, control my heart, don’t let it listen to the lies.

Don’t let cruelty find a place in my heart to rest.

Help me refuse to crumble, no matter how hard the test.

Father, fill me with gentleness, fill my soul with grace;

And if I speak, let it be kind and reflect Your Holy name.




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