fighting through heartache with prayer



It’s time.

Time for me and my sisters to fight the wretched enemy and his lies.

And we’ve already got the greatest weapon:


I lift up Your daughter into Your able and mighty hands. You and only You can heal her.

Protect her during this vulnerable time;

combat her insecurity with the knowledge that she is forever safe with You;

match her heartache with the joy that she is eternally Yours;

fill her heart to the brim with the confidence that she is Your beloved.

Romance her with Your redeeming love, Lord.

Show her Your beauty in the world. Reveal to her the beauty You’ve given her,

the beauty that abides in her even if others fail to recognize it.


Reassure her that it is their vision that is lacking, not her loveliness. Engulf her with Your love, the love that never runs out, and don’t let an earthly circumstance diminish her capacity to feel and experience your fullness of joy.


Cd_tdXAUIAAdZlk.jpg large


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