You are my strength

You are my strength, oh God.

For I am so very weak.

Sometimes I feel like I can’t even stand up on my own because my knees are so bruised and shaky from falling so many times.

When I feel I can’t keep going, my Lord, remind me to give my burdens over to You.

Even when I feel like I can handle my problems, remind me still to give them over to You.

My human hands are no match for Your perfect ones.

When I tremble, You are steady.

When I fail, You restore.

Where I am weak, You are always strong.


So I give all of today to You. I give all of tomorrow to You as well, and I as I say this, I realize how silly it sounds.

Because the days were never even mine to give.

Thank you for planning my days, Lord. You knew I’d be here, You knew I’d struggle; You knew I’d come to You right now.

And You know and have planned for what will happen. You use everything for good. You make your people new, and You make beauty out of ashes. What a promise.

You take what was meant for evil and use it for good.

What a beautiful promise You make to us.

“He is refining His timing, He’s making diamonds out of dust; He’s making diamonds out of us.”


Whenever I feel I am drowning in worldly despair and troubles, help me remember I am also drowning in Your grace and promises.


Diamonds-Hawk Nelson


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