Senchayli: Dominican Diaries pt 4

preface: On July 10th, I left for the mission trip I had been waiting for since 2013. A huge thank you to everyone who supported me financially and spiritually. I wouldn’t have been brave enough to accept this calling or equipped enough to embark on this trip to the DR without each prayer and donation. Thank you so so much to everyone who helped make this happen.

July 13th, 2016

“Mi amigos!!!”

These sweet kids scream as we get off the bus. It’s never been easier to get up in the morning than it is here.

How can I lay in bed with these amazing children of God 30 minutes away waiting for me?

Robertina, Fernando, David, Israel, all children of God.

God, who made them, God who loves them, God who has called me to loved them the same way He does.

Senchayli, a sweet bright-eyed princess with cute, little pig tails, sings to me.


“Si, Cristo me ama, si Cristo me ama, si Cristo me ama, la Biblia dice asi.”

Yes, sweet, beautiful Senchayli, Cristo te ama.

Jesus loves you so so much.


si cristo me ama


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