for the girl with a broken heart


I wrote this poem for any daughter of God who may need to be reminded of her loveliness and the glorious goodness of her Creator:

The boy shattered a part of her heart, but her soul he couldn’t touch.

He crushed a part of her sensitive mind, but her spirit remained full of love.

Because her soul never belonged to him, it belonged to a greater King.

And though it was invisible to the human eye, on her finger was a radiant ring.

A ring of promise, encircled in hope, bright-shining as her Creator’s risen Son.

A diamond so pure, she could see her reflection smiling back, reminding her she was God’s beloved one.

God helped her heart mend itself, as she knew He always would.

A boy may be able to temporarily hurt her, but destroy her hope, he never could,

Because she belonged to her sweet Savior, His arms she never left.

His promises and His beautiful glory deterred any painful words the boy had said.

Her Jesus wrapped her in light, and she knew she never needed to fear.

No matter the sorrow the world put at her door step, her Jesus was always near.



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