Praying for Those who Hurt You

Luke 6:28

But to those who will listen I say to you, bless those who curse you; pray for those who hurt you.


And that’s how you know you really love them. You forgive even if they didn’t apologize.” 


Tomorrow, when  ____________ wakes up, I pray that you bless them.

I pray that you relight their fire whenever it burns out.

Your servant, David, was so alight. He was after Your own heart, but he too burnt out when life became too much to bear on his own, but then, Lord, You lit him back up, and he burned brighter for You than ever before.

I know you can do that for ________ too. You can light them up so brightly. They are Your beloved child, Lord. Let them feel that. Let ______ know how much You truly treasure them, and let that joy of knowledge radiate from every part of them, because they are Yours and You are their good, good Father.

Bless their relationships and their family. Let the relationships in their life reflect the relationship You offer all Your children. Let ______ feel Your love through the love of the people You have placed in ______’s life.

Light _____ up, Papa, Father, Saving God. Light _______  up and let them burst with the joy that comes from Your grace.

Help us to always remember this joy, that this joy makes any sorrow, no matter how great it may seem, are not worth comparing to the inexpressible joy, glory, peace, and gladness that is to come.



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