Laughing without fear



There’s that feeling.

Every introvert knows that feeling.

That feeling, in the deep pit of your stomach, that makes you feel like something bad just happened, something bad is happening now, and something else bad is about to happen again soon.

The something bad that happened is whatever embarrassed you.

The something bad happening is that you’re still dwelling on it.

The something bad that is going to happen is the array of worries and repercussions that you analyze for far too long.

I’ve always struggled with embarrassment. Honestly, the word struggle is downplaying it a lot. We all have battles Satan throws at us and embarrassment is definitely one of mine.

It’s important not to understate these battles because if we just blow it off and don’t address it, we can become enslaved to these battles, battles that aren’t even ours to fight in the first place. Jesus has already won them.

Proverbs 31:25. It seems like you see that verse on 9 out of every 10 canvases in a store.

Image result for she laughs

But what does it really meant to laugh without fear?

It’s not just a feel good quote to put in a pretty frame. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a mindset.

We can laugh. We can rejoice. We don’t have to fear. We don’t have to dwell in embarrassment because Jesus covers it all.

Every introvert say it with me: I can laugh. I can rejoice. I don’t have to fear the opinions and affections of others. I don’t have to dwell in embarrassment because Jesus covers me. I don’t have to be enslaved anymore because Jesus set me free. I can die to the chains of embarrassment. I am new, and I am free. Jesus is enough for me, I don’t need the acknowledgements of this world to feel secure. All I need is the grace of Jesus Christ.

We can cling to Jesus instead of the wavering security the world has to offer us.

As believers, embarrassment should be at the bottom of our priority list.

The kids in the bateys (Hatian refugee camps in the DR) showcased so many characteristics that reflect the confidence in Christ we are given as believers.

  1. We don’t have to be embarrassed because every mistake is covered by Jesus.
  2. We strive to better the world not just ourselves.
  3. Kindness and joy are more powerful than insecurity.
  4. People ultimately remember how you treat them, not your successes or failures.

Leslie Ludy put it beautifully: “Instead of striving to be acknowledged or appreciated, we are to take an entirely different posture into every area of our lives, one of humility and self-denial. Whether we are recognized and applauded or disregarded and overlooked, it should make no difference to us. A woman who has taken up her cross to follow Christ only cares about knowing Him and making Him known.”

Good, good Father,

Help us cling to You today and every day, when we feel confident and when we feel embarrassed. Remind us that our goal is to spread the Gospel not to increase our security. Help us remember our life is not on this earth, that embarrassment here is for a moment but our life with You never ends.



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