Patricia’s Light

Image result for happiness can be found in the darkest of times

For Patricia, who is a light to others even during the darkest of times.

Patricia has a light in her; Jesus put it there.

Patricia was made with intentional hands, of her Maker with such loving care.

The light in her heart is the one that led her to the Savior who makes her redeemed.

The light in her heart is the one that still shines in her heart no matter how dark the world seems.

Patricia has a light that shines from the inside out.

A light stronger than sorrow, a light bolder than doubt.

Jesus has His hands around that light; He won’t let it fade away.

Jesus will protect her light, and with this truth, I pray:

Good, good Father, protect Patricia, put Your arms around her heart.

Redeemer and Rock, comfort Patricia, we know You finish every work You start.

Comforter, Shepherd, remind Patricia, that even a wildfire starts from a spark,

That even the tiniest hint of light can lead others out of the dark.

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