The words formed a tornado

Tearing through her head,

Spinning round in circles,

Of all the things she’d said.

The moments formed a cyclone,

Rushing through her lungs,

Loud, interrupting reminders,

Of all the things she’d done.

The wind pushed her to the ground,

And she could only lift her eyes,

And people saw but didn’t help her up,

As she tried not to cry.

And most people would like me to say

That she saved herself,

But that girl was me, and I tell you

Every time I stood, back down I fell.

Now I didn’t stay on the ground,

But it’s because someone picked me up,

Not because I became braver,

Or because I was strong enough.

I couldn’t see their face,

But their voice, I knew I had heard.

I couldn’t put a name to the sound,

But I recognized a single word.

“Redeemed” the person kept saying,

And I thought that they couldn’t mean me.

How could someone who’d enslaved herself

So easily be released?

You ask me who it was,

And I’ll tell you until I die.

That Jesus is the one who set me free

Jesus gave me back my life


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