For the girl who wasn’t invited


“To make them feel included in important events, that they belong, that they are invited.” -Love Does


A lot of feelings stir in my heart at that mention of the word.

A lot of hard feelings,

feelings that are hard to swallow in the moment,

feelings that are hard to forget later.

Feelings that make fun of me the way mean girls used to in middle school.

Feelings that hang banners of


“We don’t like you anymore


It’s hard to be the person who wasn’t invited.

It’s an awful feeling to be excluded, an awful feeling that tears, Taylor Swift, and hugs from your mama can’t always fix.

I want you to know you’re invited.

You’re invited every day, each morning all over again.

You’re invited to fully live, to be fully loved, and to never feel unwelcome again.

I know you want to hide. I know you feel broken and sad, but God sent someone to find you and invite you to Himself. He sent someone to invite you even though you’re hiding. Even in your brokenness and sadness, you are always invited.

The door and His arms are open, and when you walk in, He can help you leave all your sadness at the door by a rugged cross.

You can be healed.

You are already loved.

You can come feel that love.

You are invited.

“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

Romans 5:8


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