for the newly single girl

“His banner over me is love” – Song of Songs 2:4

Good  Father,
I lift up my sister and your daughter , I ask that you remind her that while relationships are good, they are not ultimate.
Romance is not an ultimate thing.
Earthly love is not an ultimate thing.
They are good,
But they are not ultimate.
The ultimate good thing in this world, the only ultimate thing is Your love.
Your radical love,
That chased us and pursued even when we ran to the very things that we knew would enslave us.
Love that forgives us for thinking anything besides You could satisfy us.
Remind her of that love.
Don’t let her be desensitized to it
Don’t let her be used to it.
Fill her to the core with joy because she has been forgiven
She is new person
She is a woman of God.
The God who never fails
never gives up
the God who loves
the God who forgives
The God who loves and loves and loves.
I thank You that You are good even when You’re misunderstood.
Help us trust Your goodness even when our eyes can’t see.
In Your merciful Name,

“Then the One seated on the throne said, ‘Look! I am making all things new.'” Revelation 21:5



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