Made Beautiful Again


Let me tell you of a little girl who fell in love with ballet.

The beautiful freedom in the joyful movement filled her mind each day.

And she couldn’t stop talking about it until she walked through the studio’s door,

As she stood in awe of the room around her and stood on the marley floor.

But as the little girl became older, she was taught to be a new kind of small.

Not little in age or height but thin, pretty, and tall.

And so she put two and two together that in order to wear a tutu,

Being small and looking thin is what they wanted her to do.

And no one knew she was thinking these things because she never said them out loud.

So no one could stop the lies or fill her with truth as she became filled with doubt.

So she became smaller and smaller, and there wasn’t much of her left.

And her director patted her on the back as she tried to keep being the best.

But it didn’t make her feel pretty, and she forgot why she loved ballet.

Trying to be small and trying to be the best had taken all the joy away.

Then she met a man who took her by the hand on a walk,

And she couldn’t believe there was no judgement but rather only kindness as He spoke and talked.

He asked her if she knew she was beautiful exactly the way she was?

He told her that He would always love her without ever needing a cause.

He showed her a little girl twirling in the living room with a sparkle in her eye,

And He turned to her and asked if she wanted to tell all the pain goodbye.

That man was Jesus; He took something painful and made it beautiful again.

Jesus took ballet and turned it into something that reminded her of Him.

Instead of a standard of poise and grace, it was grace as a gift to receive.

Now ballet reflected the joy and beauty she found in being redeemed and a daughter of a King.



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