never ready but always willing

This semester, I’ve been studying the Old Testament with a group of encouraging sisters.

Another way to say that is this semester I’ve been studying countless testimonies of God’s faithfulness even when we are faithless.


Testimonies of people who were never ready for what they were called to, but always willing to be used by the Lord.

God has revealed more and more of His goodness in these stories,

a goodness that never runs out,

a goodness that never gets old,

a goodness that I never want to stop talking about.

God has saved us from the weight of sin, the pressure to perform, and the looming dread of death.


We are free.

We have a new life that is full.

We’re free to fully love Him and fully love others because we’ve been overwhelmed with abundant grace.

And I think about Noah’s obedience amidst the earth’s insanity,

I think about Abraham’s trust in the valley of doubt,

I’m reminded of Jacob’s deceit, Joseph’s pride, Moses’ insecurity.


flawed humans that I see my own sin in.

I think of Joshua and Caleb who knew they couldn’t succeed on their own; I think of Joshua and Caleb who also knew that even if they couldn’t succeed, their God always would.

I think of David’s redemption.

I think of Esther’s bravery.

I think of Job’s deliverance.

And God reminds me that He ordains His servants to glorify Him despite themselves. He placed these men and women where they were for a purpose, and He places us where we are for a purpose as well.


He saved them for a purpose.

He saved us for a purpose.

We, who were once far off, have been brought back near.

And on this side of the cross, I shake in awe of the goodness of our God.


I rejoice in the sweetness of the Gospel; I rejoice that He is good in every action.

I rejoice that the Object of our faith is loyal even when the strength of our faith is not.




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